Tier1Con Malmö Presents: Dragon Ball!

Tier1MTG will host the inaugural Tier1Con Malmö, a multifaceted TCG convention, at Malmömässan in Malmö, Sweden. The event will span three days, from July 1st to July 3rd, 2022, and will encompass all forms of trading card games, including Dragon Ball!!

Free Play Area: Dragon Shield’s Training Ground

If you are new to Dragon Ball, Dragon Shield’s Training Ground will be the perfect place for you to start.

Powered by Dragon Shield, this play area will be free to enter and we will provide all the necessary materials and instructions for you or your children to have a good time learning the ropes of this awesome game.


Dragon Ball Tournament

On the other hand, if you’re a seasoned veteran looking for a challenge then fear not: We have you covered as well.

Tier1Con Malmö will host a large Dragon Ball tournament on Sunday July 3rd, 2022 with player meeting beginning at 11:00am CEST.

Format: Constructed. Rounds depending on number of participants.

The tournament will have a dedicated Tournament Organizer and Head Judge assigned to ensure a smooth execution and the number of swiss rounds will be decided by the number of players. You must bring an easy-to-read decklist if you wish to enter the tournament.




Dragon Ball Tournament

The entry fee for the Dragon Ball tournament will be 30 Euros, and the tournament will have a

guaranteed base prize pool which may increase relative to the number of participants:

  • 1-199 Participants: The winner receives 300 Euro in Tier1COINS.
  • 200+ Participants: The winner receives 500 Euro in Tier1COINS.
  • Free random giveaways during the tournament.

In addition to the guaranteed prizes for the winner, the following prize support will be added as the minimum thresholds are met, see below.

  • 1-99 Participants: Prize support for Top 8. Tier1COINS.*
  • 100-199 Participants: Prize support for top 16. Tier1COINS.*
  • 200+ participants: Prize support for Top 32.  Tier1COINS.*

* 1 Tier1COIN is equvivalent to 1€ and can be used in Tier1MTG stores AND on the pricewall. The exact size of the added prizes will be determined by the number of participants.



We hope to see you all at Tier1Con Malmö for three days of TCG madness!